Teriyaki Mango Pudding

Teriyaki sauce gives depth of flavour to Mango Pudding.

Serves 4


375g-385g Ripe Mango Flesh (2 medium to large Mangos)

1/2 Cup (125ml) Boiled Hot Water, 3tsp Gelatine, 1/4 Cup Raw Sugar

1 Canned Coconut Milk (270ml)

1tsp Teriyaki Sauce


In a bowl whisk together the gelatine and boiled hot water until there are no lumps, whisk in the sugar until dissolved.

Add this mixture with the mango into a blender and add the coconut milk, blend until ingredients are well combined. 

Pour into dessert bowls and place in the fridge for at least 2 hours.

Serve & Enjoy!